A little bit of chit-chat!

Good afternoon! Stuart here again, with a little bit of Clarity chit-chat!

Cute, ‘ey?

So, of course, I’m going to mention YouTube Tuesday – it being Tuesday and all. And this week’s video is a real sweetie! It’s a card design for a newborn – awww – and uses some simple yet very effective techniques using Stencil Brushes and Word Chain stamps. Well worth a watch, this one, especially if you enjoy a little tug on the ol’ heartstrings  😍. Simply click the image above or this link here, and you’ll be taken right to it!

And, another thing to mention is the parchment sale over on www.pergamano.com. And boy oh boy is this worth paying attention to. Because ALL the parchment is on offer. Whether you want 20 sheets or 250 sheets, A4 or A5, coloured parchment or Designer Parchment, two-tone or plain – ALL parchment on the Pergamano website is now 40% OFF! What are you waiting for? https://pergamano.com/collections/40-off-parchment. Even if you don’t need any, this price is so good, you might want to buy some more anyway. It won’t be this price again for a long time (although you do have the whole month to put your order in)!

Ok – Ok, this is the CLARITY matters blog. So here’s a few little details that might be helpful, but that might have passed you by!

If you watched (or didn’t watch) today’s Live From the SHAC Shack Facebook show with Barbara, the colours she used for the Mandarin Duck were Polychromo Carmine Permanent (red), Light Fallow (pale blue) Fallow (darker blue), Pink Madder Lake (pink on the beak) and Black or HB for the dark bits, oh, and Cream.

And, if you’re still a bit behind (like many seem to be) – which is totally fine and GOOD by the way, the whole idea is to go at your own pace, watch and re-watch and pick and choose your favourite projects ever – well, here’s the African Elephant template that you can download and print out. Barbara doodled in Africa last week and it was a really enjoyable picture – but the elephants it seemed were a little bit tricky! Download here, or click the image below!


Right, I think that’s enough for now. Don’t want to overload you with information.

Remember, Clarity matters. It really does. And, stay SAFE, HAPPY AND CREATIVE!

Bye for now!


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  • 2nd June 2020 at 3:40 pm

    Great crafting weekcoming up and superb offers.Thanks Clarity. 👍😊


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