Acceptance is Key

Hello hello! Grace here.

Life is unpredictable, eh? I’m sad to say that our Cycle for Survival event last Saturday was canceled due to Coronavirus hitting New York City. As a team we had decided to all go ahead and continue to participate, regardless of the nervous energy surrounding social events at the moment. But alas, the entire event was canceled the evening before.

Rest assured all the money raised is still going to the right place, we just didn’t get to cycle for the afternoon (I still went to the gym and did my bit though!)

In fact, our lovely team of friends raised an impressive $12,310! And that’s all going towards rare cancer research. So thank you to those who already donated! We so appreciate you and your generosity.

I was quite gutted, as I had geared myself up for it. But hey, acceptance is key. Everywhere we look, plans are being changed and life is being thrown up in the air. Imagine how many weddings, funerals, fundraisers, surgeries, events, trips and travels are being affected right now! Not to mention the actual people affected health-wise, and the fatalities around the world. Or the stock markets. All of this = anxiety amongst many.

On the more menial side… We have a big trip coming up in 10 days ourselves for my 30th birthday with a good group of friends, and we are all praying HARD that we won’t have to cancel it. My lovely boyfriend is having a minor meltdown as he has organized the entire thing for my 30th and we’re all in limbo. But what will be will be. And we have zero control over it. So there’s no point in obsessing! There are people in the world with a lot more to worry about right now!

The most important thing is to keep our elderly and more vulnerable people safe. And to carry on with life as best as we can until this all blows over. And hope we all have travel insurance! 😉

It doesn’t sound like our friends and customers at the SEC were too put off! It sounds like it was a success and people still turned up. We carry on!

Speaking of places in the world… I’ve just seen some new stamps that I’m in love with! Here’s a sneak peek at the Three Cities 3-Way-Overlay stamps that our Maria Moorhouse will be showcasing on Hochanda tomorrow – Wednesday March 11th from 12pm UK time (7am EST)

Anne Dimitriou
Shelagh Metselaar
Anne Dimitriou

Obsessed! I’m a bit of a international jet setter and these stamps make me feel happy with all of this worldly drama going on. Thanks Clarity!!

This too shall pass.

Lotsa Love, Grace xoxo

4 thoughts on “Acceptance is Key

  • 10th March 2020 at 9:42 am

    Morning Grace.
    Well done on raising all that money. And for going to the gym. I understand why the event was canceled but it must have been a disappointment when you’ve prepared for something like that.
    Same as your big trip. But if it doesn’t happen now it can at a later date once this virus has passed. That’ll mean you get to have 2 birthdays!
    My daughter Amy and her hubby are due to have a big adventure in America soon…. At the start of April but they are beginning to wonder if it will happen with all that’s going on right now. Part of me would be sad if they couldn’t go but the other part of me would be glad. That’s only a mummy thing worrying!
    What will be will be and as you say this will pass. And soon I hope.
    Stay safe Grace and keep washing your hands!
    Virtual hugs Xxxx

  • 10th March 2020 at 11:38 am

    Hi there, Grace, So sorry your cycle was cancelled but it’s better to be safe than sorry. What an amazing sum you all raised. Really pleased for you as it is such a good cause. The SEC was great. I was on a high and loved every minute of it but it was an eye opener for me seeing how much effort and hard work goes into it all. It was great to get to know your mum, Dave and Paul on a different level. They are such lovely, genuine people. Hope your Scottish accent is coming along well for your audio book! Stay safe and well. Hx

  • 10th March 2020 at 1:38 pm

    Hi Grace,
    Congratulations on raising so much money despite the event being cancelled. We are all worried about Covid-19 so better safe than sorry.
    The new products from Clarity look very special so will be watching tomorrow.
    Hope the Audio recording is going well.

  • 10th March 2020 at 5:45 pm

    Well done on the fundraising, all in a good cause. I hope you can still celebrate your Birthday in the way you really want. Life is a bit uncertain at the moment, I have a hubby with a low immune system so we are having to be careful but still doing things with care. Our eldest son rings every day to check on us, I think he would lock us in the house if he could. xx


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