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Hi there crafters, how are you all doing? Stuart here, filling in for Jordan today. Hands up (use an emoji in the comments, if you like) – who’s ticked something off their wishlist from the Die-namite sale? If you haven’t what are you waiting for? Prices on dies have NEVER been this good, especially for Club Members… It’s at least worth a look, right? Well, I’ll leave this link just here, in case anyone feels the need for a quick perusal 😉

And don’t forget, the sale ends midnight TONIGHT!

Die sale aside, those of you who had a look through our exquisite die gallery, which you can see here, will also have seen our call to send in your own artwork. That’s right, we asked you – our valued customers – for pics and snaps of your die-cut artwork, using Clarity Fresh Cuts, of course. We LOVE to see how you use our products. Really. And if at any time anyone wants to send us a little snap of a project, just send it along with a little message to I’ll pick that up and you might even get a mention on the blog 🙂

Many of you did send us in your die artwork, which you can see in the gallery below. We’ll also post this on Facebook, too! We’ve named them all up – credit where it’s due. We’re missing one name, however, so if your email address includes south19, feel free to share your name with us and I’ll update the gallery.

Well, thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ve enjoyed the gallery and the sale.


Clarity matters, it really does.


3 thoughts on “Customer Fresh Cut Die Gallery

  • 13th January 2020 at 12:37 pm

    It would be lovely to have some galleries of other items produced so that we could gain some inspiration when the imagination is flagging.

  • 13th January 2020 at 4:30 pm

    I keep looking at those gorgeous dies and the fantastic prices, but kept telling myself no as I had just 2 days before placed another order. I just couldn’t resist. Just a few of the rectangular ones as these work better for my style.

  • 13th January 2020 at 6:24 pm

    What a wonderful gallery. There are some very creative people in the Clarity family.


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