A Charitable Christmas & Elf Hunt Clue #8

Hi everyone, Jordan here. How many Christmas trees were put up and decorated this weekend? Christmas preparations firing up in earnest now? And what’s going to be on your dinner table on the 25th? Turkey, or maybe Goose? Beef, Gammon… or perhaps you’re vegetarian or vegan? We’d love to know.

Have you considered making a donation to a charity this Christmas? I’m sure many of you already make a donation to a charity at this time of year, but if not, perhaps you’d like to consider it this year.

Christmas can be a very hard time for those without security, comfort or even just company, so we would all do well to remember these people and reach out in some way. Perhaps you know of a care home or hospice that could do with some volunteer work? Or, maybe you know someone who will be alone over the Holidays? Someone who could do with a bit of company and a cup of tea.

If you’re already volunteering somewhere, or making donations this year, let us know in the comments to whom you have donated or where you have volunteered. Or, if you’re reading this outside the UK, let us know which charities you donate to at this time of year in your country.

It makes the world around us better when we actively partake in charitable causes. It’s bringing some of your light into another person’s darkness, so to speak. It’s about bettering the lives of those around us. We do this every day with our loved ones, our friends, and yes our colleagues, and we would all do well to extend a hand to those we don’t know, but who need our care, support or even just a helpful donation.

The Clarity Crafting community is full of caring, thoughtful men and women who look out for each other, and care about each other. You only need to look at our Facebook Groups and the comments on our blogs to see that. It means the world, and makes working at Claritystamp an absolute pleasure. It’s why we often refer to the Clarity Family. And it’s why we’re urging you to make a charitable donation this year, to bring the collective light of our Clarity Family to the darkness of those in need.

Here are three UK charities well worth your time and attention, who provide absolutely vital, important services to those in need;

Crisis – A donation of £28.87 will reserve a seat at a Crisis Christmas centre for a homeless guest. There are also many other ways you can volunteer with Crisis. Click here for their website.

NSPCC – Make a donation to the NSPCC this Christmas, which will support their 24-hour hotline for vulnerable children, Childline. Click here for their website.

Age UK – Click here to make a donation to Age UK, the country’s leading charity in supporting the Elderly in need.

Thank you all.

Right then, on to today’s Elf Hunt clue 🙂

Best of luck with the hunt!

Thanks again for reading. I’ll see you all again tomorrow.

Charity Matters. It really does.

Jordan x

6 thoughts on “A Charitable Christmas & Elf Hunt Clue #8

  • 8th December 2019 at 12:25 pm

    That’s better!! I went straight to finding her today! I think yesterday our Missy was too busy putting up the decorations!!! Now I can continue to make enough room for my tree. Where are those pesky elves when you need them? Oh yes!…hiding between the sheets……..in bed!! haha x

  • 8th December 2019 at 6:40 pm

    It’s not only Christmas that charities need all the help they can get ,although it always seems more poignant this time of year . We donate to hospice in the weald which is in pembury Kent , our niece recently passed away there and was given such amazing care , all the staff were wonderful .
    Found elf

  • 8th December 2019 at 7:30 pm

    I donate on a regular basis all the time to Dogs Trust (I sponsor a dog and have done for over 25 years) and also to other wildlife charities several times a year. I don’t give to ‘human’ causes as that’s where most of the money goes, and TBH I don’t like to see the administration taking most of the donations and I also don’t like to be asked for specific amounts that I can’t afford. One year I contacted one of the well known charities to ask if I could give £10 (I believe they wanted just over double that) and they said it was too expensive to process small amounts (£10 is NOT a small amount to a pensioner) so didn’t accept. Since then I’ve been put off donating to groups asking for specific amounts. I’ll stick to smaller, local animal charities. Thanks for easy elf hunt clue today!

  • 8th December 2019 at 8:29 pm

    Every year my mother chooses a charity for us to donate to in her name instead of purchasing gifts for her. I also donate to our local food pantry and for a few years now have also been donating to Wikipedia. It’s still ad free and completely non profit.

    Our tree is up, but not yet decorated. I give it a couple of days for the branches to relax before putting on lights and ornaments. Our dinner is usually a massive rib roast with mashed potatoes, gravy, a couple of veggies and dessert (if anyone can think about it).

  • 9th December 2019 at 9:46 am

    I prefer smaller charities to the ones you list and to look into how they are funded and who does the work. For example, NSPCC do a good job listening to children but refer them to your local council Social Services usually if they need help, or run therapy services paid for by councils on contract. With Age UK, you pay the home help plus a monthly fee to the charity so it is dearer than some commercial agencies and certainly than finding the worker yourself. It’s the same if you ask them for a volunteer befriender. I no longer contribute to RSPCA because they don’t respond and are trying to impose a dreadful contract on their workers. Barnardos have spent over £4 million in donations on redundancies in the last couple of years. All charities have admin fees so I think you have to decide what is reasonable. I like Calibre who provide taped books for anyone who can’t read text e.g. blind, dyslexic, painful arms so can’t hold one. I give a regular donation to MSF because they even beat armed forces to disasters with their coverage of local project bases and dig latrines to prevent problems while they are setting up hospitals. I knit prem baby hats for Queen Mother’s Clothing Guild who are desperate for people who knit, crochet or sew as they need products for all ages. I help Stripey Stork too as they parcel up clothes for different ages so they can help everyone left with nothing whether that is from a fire or any other disaster. I volunteer at the local day centre running groups or just listening. Charities need more donated than money, be it time or craft materials. There is endless need, so we can choose according to our skills.

  • 9th December 2019 at 11:47 pm

    I like to donate money and goods to a local charity the solan trust. They provide nice things for those going threw cancer treat ment and need cheering up


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