Hi there! Grace here.

It’s Friday! And I know YOU KNOW what that means! The time has come (although it came a little early, yesterday)…

I know many of you have been building your shopping lists and preparing your baskets all week. The level of preparation I’ve been hearing about on the chat system is rather impressive. You take this Gray Friday business VERY seriously! And we love you for it 🙂

To celebrate how much we love you for it, we’re going to be popping a GOLDEN TICKET into someone’s sale order! Which means you get the entire order refunded. So watch out for that sliver of gold…


Now, while you’re taking a little break from your shopping to join me here, perhaps with a cup of tea, I’d like to talk about something positive that has evolved in 2020, that so many of us really benefit from. Now…

Way back when, on March 30th… the world had really started to change. Everyone across the world was terrified and staying indoors, FaceTiming each other and panic buying loo roll! So Barbara Gray hopped into the drivers seat and started a little (big) thing called the SHAC Shack.

Safe Happy And Creative
Stay Home And Craft

Every day; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday she went Live on Facebook to hundreds and hundreds of people, also stuck at home and looking for something new to do! It really started as a small idea. Just grab a piece of paper & a pen and learn how to draw some birds on a wire. Tune out the world for a bit with Barb, basically. And learn some cool techniques in the process.

Episode 1!

And as the weeks and months went by, she didn’t stop, she just changed gear. You’ve been all over the place on the SHAC bus! Africa, Asia, Italy… under the sea! In hot air balloons. And most recently in little Christmas villages! You’ve spent a healthy amount of time colouring as well. Taking the time to learn techniques and the results have been INCREDIBLE.

We all celebrated when we got to 100 hours! But now we’re LONG past that. As the world continued to change, she shifted gears again and started to gather in the SHAC on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays!

And that works even better! It enables everyone to catch up a bit, or work at their own pace.

Someone recently asked me whether they should start at the beginning or join in where everyone is now… and it really got me thinking. You don’t want to miss the simplicity of the earlier videos because they equip you to craft confidently in episode 144. Yes, I said episode 144. WHAT?!

But at the same time the feeling of community and togetherness shines in those live videos, even if you’re doing them later in the day. So I said ‘Do both’. Well, I put it a tad more flowery than that 😉 But that’s what is so great about the SHAC happening Monday, Wednesday & Friday. That gives you extra days to catch up. Or to rework something you struggled with, or really enjoyed.

The SHAC Shack has been a godsend to so many, for so long. And as the UK (and many other countries shift back into lockdown) let’s not forget that EVERY episode is sat waiting for you on Youtube. All of the relaxing conversations about what is going on in the world (it all still applies in many cases eh?) and all of the laughs. Not to mention the FREE lessons.

If you need it, it’s there. Whether you’ve watched it before or not.

I’m personally about to start Harry Potter on Audible for the THIRD time since last November. Don’t tell Mark. It makes me feel happier, so I use it. If the SHAC has been a bit of a crutch for you, it’s not gone anywhere! Hundreds of hours of footage and challenges for you to distract yourself with. Or to send to someone you know who needs it.

We’re still Staying Safe Happy & Creative. No matter where along the bus journey you are. We’re all on the same bus line anyway…

Ooh, and don’t forget the telly shows today! 9am & 1pm (UK time).

Lotsa love, Grace xo

Clarity – The Home of Art, Craft, and Well-being.

13 thoughts on “**GRAY FRIDAY SALE**

  • 27th November 2020 at 3:04 pm

    Hi Grace, Hope you managed to celebrate Thanksgiving yesterday even if not quite what you had planned. Did you put your tree up ?
    We have always waited until after our daughters birthday which is the 8 Dec before putting up the decorations but as this year we won’t be able to see them I might put them up during next week so we brighten everything up for the whole of December.
    I have finished making my Christmas cards & have posted the overseas ones so just need to write the rest.
    Have placed my order for Gray Friday & the new SHAC shack mandala stamps but that’s not saying I won’t have another quick look before Monday !!
    Who would have thought we would still be doodling altogether on Facebook when we started back in March, hard to believe its 144 though x
    Have a good weekend

    • 27th November 2020 at 9:39 pm

      Hi Grace. All at clarity are brilliant and have kept us going with crafty goodies during this pandemic. Your mums sharing of skills, humor and stories have kept us smiling and some tears – mainly from laughter. The sense of community from the SHAC is truly amazing as is the work they have produced. I have mad 2 orders during the sale, one of which is already on its way? I was prepared to wait (unlike those who shall not be mentioned). I did t start the SHAC at the beginning and now go back and forth to join in past projects. It’s lovely to hear what the weather was like in June.
      Keep safe and well and doing the brilliant jobs you are all doing. Kath xx

  • 27th November 2020 at 3:55 pm

    Your mother is a wicked, wicked woman for having such a sale. I wanted all the Distress Oxides and you you know what, that’s what I got myself. If I hadn’t had my crafting those past few months I’d have gone bonkers. Well more bonkers than I already am. It’s my absolute saviour. I know I can approach anyone in the Clarity community and someone will help.

  • 27th November 2020 at 4:00 pm

    Hi Grace you must be so proud of your mum. She has done such a brilliant job. The Shac Shack has helped me stay sane. The bonus is I can draw and colour now. I am thrilled. I am sure we have many more months of lockdown to come. I hope the Shac Shack will be there to keep us company. I have put my order in for the sale. It would have been rude not to. Enjoy Harry Potter that is a good choice of book. I wonder who the reader is? Have a good weekend. Hugs xxx

  • 27th November 2020 at 6:06 pm

    Your mum has been doing a fabulous job. I have some catching up to do, mornings are often busy and then I don’t always go back later in the day. I need to make time for myself. Still going to be home for a while. I have just had an e-mail saying my ink order from yesterday is on it’s way, goodness they must be pedalling like mad at Clarity towers. Incredible. xx

  • 27th November 2020 at 7:50 pm

    Only three times?! Goodness. Now I don’t want to say how many times I’ve read it! Do what makes you happy.

    • 27th November 2020 at 9:04 pm

      haha no… only 3 times have I listened to the audiobook, the 7 books add up to 179 hours in total! That doesn’t includes how many times I’ve read the books or watched the films. I can’t count that high 😉 Glad I’m not alone!

  • 27th November 2020 at 8:03 pm

    Hi Grace, What a fabulous Gray Friday Sale and all the Sales this week. Barbara’s shows have been brilliant, she must be worn out, hopefully she can chill out and cuddle the Vikings, they are both so, so cute.
    Stay safe, stay well.
    Love, Patricia xx

  • 27th November 2020 at 8:54 pm

    Great sale as always and Happy Thanksgiving to you. Hxx

  • 28th November 2020 at 1:59 pm

    Hello Grace. I have learned so much from the Shac Shack and not all arty stuff!. Spent all week popping bits into my basket to check out on Friday. Can’t wait to play. Thank you to all at Clarity for all your hard work esp to Barbara for all her free time lovingly given x

  • 28th November 2020 at 3:37 pm

    Hi Grace, it’s certainly been a Godsend to meet up with your Mum, I’m enjoying her words and learning such a lot. I haven’t been to the sale yet – there really isn’t a lot left for me to get LOL!! I will though ! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving, x x

  • 28th November 2020 at 5:23 pm

    Great sale. I placed an order Tuesday, received it Friday, such a lovely surprise as I was prepared to wait. The elves must be working overtime.
    Already spent a lot but will have another look through tomorrow to see if there is anything I missed.
    The mandala stamps are lovely and ordered yesterday.
    The posties always give me a big grin when the parcels arrive (3 this week alone !!!) . I ave a table in the hall on which I have a display unit for cards. It faces the windows and gets lots of comments. Once the pandemic is over I hope to sell some and start classes again.
    Clarity is my sanity. I can lose myself in the craftroom for hours.
    Stay safe.

  • 28th November 2020 at 6:41 pm

    Hello Grace,
    I’ve been on the Shac bus since the start and it’s been my saviour from episode 1. I’ve loved the doodles, colouring and the painting, making the bookmarks, coasters and the canvases to.
    A few weeks back I found a copy of the large colouring book, so I’ve been going back to do them too, even though I’ve already done the post card versions and I’m so pleased by how much my colouring has improved.
    I’ve placed an order already, incuding the poppets post cards, building another list too which has the mandalas we did together!
    Enjoy Harry Potter, my daughter loves him too on audible, film or book form.
    Stay safe, Jackie


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