Christmas Preparations abound!

Hi everyone, Jordan here. I hope you’re all enjoying a relaxing Sunday. What’s happening around your craft table this weekend? Anything new and exciting?

I couldn’t believe it, but it’s already November! Where has the year gone? Before long, we’ll be scoffing down Roast Turkey, Christmas Pud and Port (not necessarily in that order 😉), opening presents, then falling asleep on the sofa in a festive heap.

I myself like to get lots of prep done through October and into November so that once Christmas begins in earnest, I can relax and enjoy it as much as possible.

That means Christmas card and wrapping paper making through late October and into November, then lots of recipe gathering through November, and finally some Christmas decoration making into early December when the Christmas spirit really reaches critical (christ)mass.

We’ll also get the decorations out this week, too. Some might say it’s a little early… but each to their own, I say! I like to get some of the small decorations up really early, then completely deck the house out around November 30th. By small decorations, I mean a few small wreaths in the house and a little tinsel. It’s not much, but it gets things started.

I like to try a good few new recipes for Christmas each year, and this one will be no exception! I’m thinking of trying a new nut roast recipe for the Vegans in my family, of which we have several. Last years’ came out great, but I reckon there’s a little room for improvement. I think the key to a great nut roast is a good balance between seasonal dried fruits, an interesting and tasty blend of chopped nuts, and of course some delicious nutritional yeast to bring the flavours out.

I’ve also found a spiced Cookie recipe that I’d like to try. They’re called Pfeffernusse, and they’re so delicious and Christmassy! They’re the kind you can find in German or Scandinavian Christmas markets; spicy and cakey, with lovely thick icing. If you fancy making some of these, you could try this a recipe right here. There are a couple of less-common ingredients (Lebkuchengewuerz is a German ginger spice mix, not too difficult to get your hands on) but the method looks simple. I’m going to try a batch of these around the end of November, so I will report back once later in the month with my results.

They pair very well with a nice glass of hot Glogg, too! If you’ve never tried Glogg, I suggest getting a bottle in for the Christmas Season. It’s a very rich, spicy & boozy alternative to Mulled Wine. Delicious stuff, and like the Pfeffernusse, just so Christmassy. Or, you can make your own! If you’d rather look to make your own Glogg, here’s a link.

When do you in the Clarity Crafting community start your Christmas preparations? October? May? 23rd of December, in a stressful whirlwind of manic Christmas Joy? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

So, what’s happening around Clarity Towers? Well, this week we’ve been squirrelling away at more new Groovi & Stamp products for you to sink your teeth in to… but I can’t shout about them just yet! Here at Clarity, we’ve always got a stunning, fantastic new design just around the corner, be it in Stamp, Stencil, Groovi or Fresh-Cut Die 🙂

Simon will be bringing you new YouTube content this Tuesday, with our Mixed Media Maestro Sam Crowe!

And, while we’re looking ahead, I’ll be posting that Journal follow-up that I mentioned last week.

Oh! And a final reminder, today is your last chance to grab a Speedball Brayer for 25% off, as our Pick of the Week. Click just here for a bargain!

Have a restful Sunday, all, and be well. I’ll see you tomorrow for a catch-up.

Clarity Matters. It really does.

Jordan x

9 thoughts on “Christmas Preparations abound!

  • 10th November 2019 at 1:52 pm

    Well the cards are all made! Probably the earliest ever but all using fresh cut dies this year so an easy design. Then I don’t really think about Christmas until December. The wreath will be made in the second week and definitely no tree until the week before Christmas. Enjoy your Sunday, lovely to see the sun!

  • 10th November 2019 at 3:04 pm

    Cards are a WIP, lots of toppers done or nearly done just need to be mounted. Then for my overseas cards & others that I need I am going to use the bauble stamps this year. Tree doesn’t go up until after the 8th Dec – last family birthday for the year. Presents are being gathered & hidden away as the younger members of the family are due for 2 sleepovers between now & 8 Dec. So after 8 Dec it will be all systems go so that I am ready for the weekend before Christmas. It will be like having 5 weekends instead of 3 as the festivities fall mid-week this year. Will check your recipes out as they sound really Christmassy – I can almost smell the spices.

  • 10th November 2019 at 3:36 pm

    Hi Jordan – I’d be interested in your nutroast recipe – my sister has gone vegan this year, so it would be nice to be able to make something special for her when she visits us the week before Christmas.

  • 10th November 2019 at 3:39 pm

    Christmas cards all done and ready for posting. We don’t do presents at Christmas as there are no young children and all the adults are so hard to buy for so we all decided years ago not to bother. We send nicer cards instead.
    The tree goes up the last week in November and I spend a few days getting the lights set right (they can be a pain on a huge tree) then 1st December the wreath goes on the fireplace and the rest of the decs are put on the tree and all the cards are sent out.
    I build up my non perishable larder goodies week by week through November and the first week in December. Perishable goods are bought on 23rd (Morrisons open at 7am) and we are back indoors by 8am to avoid the main rush. All the Christmas butchery is already ordered for collection 8am Christmas eve, then back home for 8.30 and a Christmas Eve breakfast. The doors are locked, phones off, and we do not surface again until the 28th. We both love Christmas and love this together time alone with a few good films, no distractions to disturb the peace. Magical !!!
    Are we odd? Probably, but our families are scattered and have never been close so we “do it our way”.
    Looking forward to up-coming surprises from Clarity.

  • 10th November 2019 at 6:12 pm

    This weekend I’m working on Christmas cards. I start thinking about the design in summer, and experiment with different ideas. The real work usually starts in fall. This year family and a few very good friends will be getting a Groovi card based on the Christmas tree plate GRO-CH-40057-03.

    Christmas decorations do not go up until December 1. Nothing really special, just swags of colored lights along the driveway outside, wreaths on doors, and the tree and stockings inside. I get a real tree from a local garden store, and spray it to keep the needles from falling too soon.

    Heard of Glogg before, but had never seen a recipe. Wow! Looks yummy, but really potent. I love ginger cookies. I need to make some soon.

  • 10th November 2019 at 6:16 pm

    Christmas recipe sounds good, so I’ve printed it off to try. The spices seem expensive on the linked site but there’s a recipe to mix your own, so I’ll go for that. Always good to have something new for Christmas. Last year I discovered Walker’s Ecclefechan tarts – wonderful warm. Cherry’s Christmas sounds ideal but my sister has cancer so we are doing it her way however awkward her requests. I have Clarity to keep me sane!

    • 11th November 2019 at 2:47 pm

      I had cancer over Christmas 20 years ago. It does make things awkward but love and patience will get you through the difficulties. Keep calm if you can. Best wishes from both of us.

      • 11th November 2019 at 7:41 pm

        Many thanks, Cherry, for your insight and good wishes. They brought instant calm. I hope you have a lovely Christmas.

  • 12th November 2019 at 11:20 am

    I have to be honest, don’t like to think about anything Christmas related until the 1st of December but I have made a few Christmas gift labels at my local craft group the other week as that was the designated project so I embraced it. The cookies sound lovely, I’m not a baker but my Mum is but maybe this year I might just have a go and surprise everyone 🙂


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