Pick of the Week and Irish bread!

Greetings fellow crafters, top o’ the morning, to ye!

Last week in the office we were having a bit of a natter about Ireland. Clare who runs our stencil machines is Irish, you see. And she’s Jim’s mum – Jim who does much of the artwork for the products. And my dad is Northern Irish, and so is one of my sisters. So we do enjoy a good bit of Irish banter. Jim does have a funny story or two about cultural differences. This time, for some reason, we ended up talking about bread. The Irish do have a few different types of bread. There’s potato bread (of course), soda bread – great with bacon and Veda bread – great with jam.

Any bakers out there? What’s your favourite type of bread? I used to enjoy a good sourdough – had my own starter I kept for about 6 years, too. But I’m gluten-free these days, so bread is mostly off the menu. Although, as Jim suggested, a gluten-free soda bread might turn out quite nicely, so I think I’ll give that a go at the weekend with the kids. They do love to muck about in the kitchen. However, they probably don’t want to lick the bowl this time, even though I’m sure they’ll ask. Maybe I’ll let them, though. They get a valuable life lesson and I get a cheap laugh. As long as we get a bacon sandwich at the end of it, we’ll all be happy, right?

On a slightly less bready note, it’s probably worth mentioning that our Pick of the Week promo ends tomorrow at midnight. So you’ve got until the end of Sunday to nab yourself a bargain set of Clarity Stencil Brushes.

Oo la la!

As any seasoned stenciler or mixed-media crafter would tell you, a quality set of brushes makes applying inks and paints a complete breeze.

In the spirit of stencilling, I thought I’d have a comb through Barb’s Blog for some tricks, tips and insights. Here’s what I found…

A Simple Stencil Step By Step…

A Very Groovi Bauble Stencil Trick!

A Step By Step Using A Stencil On Parchment

A New Stencil Technique For Me!

Lastly, has anyone been with us over the weekend at the NEC Creative Craft Show? Leave us a comment below, if so. We’ve been having a spectacular time! Just so busy, but we’ve loved every second of it and we’d love to hear from you about your experience (and your favourite type of bread, of course)!

That’s all for now, Clarity Crafters.

Clarity Matters. It really does.


9 thoughts on “Pick of the Week and Irish bread!

  • 2nd November 2019 at 3:07 pm

    Hubby and I, for medical reasons, are both on a very low carb diet = no bread, which we love of course. So, I have discovered several ways to use almond flower, low carb and gluten free, recipes. If you need some, let me know. I make pancakes, rolls, bread and even pizza. Takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s better than nothing, LOL!

  • 2nd November 2019 at 3:45 pm

    Your gluten free sour bread sounds interesting, if sucessful perhaps you could share your recipe. I had a great day at the NEC yesterday with just a few things dropping into my shopping basket on the Clarity Stall.(That’s my story & I am sticking to it!!) Catching up a few friends as well was a bonus. Plenty of space to see everything which was great – nothing worse than having to fight the crowds to get up & down the aisles. Felt shattered when I got home though so I am sure you are all looking forward to Sunday evening when you are on your way home.

    • 3rd November 2019 at 8:18 am

      Greetings from The NEC …..hmmmm Bacon Sandwich, now that sounds like a great idea !
      Lovely to see so many regular customers and friends over the past days, many new faces too.
      .The Clarity community is flourishing and growing . David. claritystamp.

  • 2nd November 2019 at 4:54 pm

    Gluten free is no reason not to make bread. Panasonic even make bread makers to do it for you. Genius bread is wonderful, so GF can be high quality. My favourite is walnut bread but I’m stuck on softer stuff at the moment after shingles. Into each life a little rain must fall… Didn’t make the NEC but loved the step by steps. I like the micro beads but can’t find the magnet kleber on the website? Ah well, I’ll manage. Thanks for putting up such inspiring stuff on a dark and windy day.

    • 3rd November 2019 at 8:44 am

      Could this be what you are looking for “Viva Decor Magnetic-Glue” ??
      Hope it helps

  • 2nd November 2019 at 6:59 pm

    Think the best bread I’ve had was in south of France there was a kiosk at the end of the road that only sold fresh baguettes , we’d go there every day for one delicious wth cheese 😊 didn’t get to the NEC but my Christmas baubles and Linda’s book arrived today , very quick service thank you clarity team x

  • 2nd November 2019 at 9:32 pm

    My favourite Irish baking is Buttermilk Scones.
    Been to NEC today and it was good to see some new exhibitors.
    Spent loads at Clarity – who wouldn’t? and it was nice to have a chat with Dave and Paul.
    And would you believe it – when we arrived home Linda’s book and the Groovi and Stamp Baubles had been delivered.

  • 3rd November 2019 at 11:50 am

    Hi, had a great couple of days at the NEC. Spent my birthday money and a little bit besides, (if you believe that you’re as daft as my husband)😁 he obviously wasn’t with us. Loved watching Barbara, loving the new stamps, hope your neck will enjoy your head being in the upright position once again.
    Well done to all at Clarity Towers x

  • 3rd November 2019 at 8:46 pm

    Thoroughly enjoyed the NEC couldn’t stay away from the clarity stand and spent far too much money but will enjoy playing with my goodies. Always a pleasure to meet and chat with the clarity team who are so helpful.


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