Journey into Journaling

Hi all, Jordan here. How are you doing? I hope you’ve reached your Friday in high spirits.

Did you get a chance to read Barb’s Blog yesterday? She put together a fantastic bundle featuring our Fresh-Cut Christmas Rounds Dies, and created some fantastic cards using these and the brand new Christmas & Celebrations Stickers Collection, both available at a phenomenal price. If you’re looking for a little inspiration in your Christmas Card preparations, look no further! Simply click here.

There will be more Christmas at Clarity news tomorrow… but for now I shan’t spoil anything!

Only 75 days ’til Christmas!

Today, I thought we’d look at Journaling. Very popular in the US of A, it’s the art of filling journals with writing, drawings and collage, that express your emotions, map your thoughts, work out new creative ideas, and generally give your mind space to breath over it’s pages. Its about mindfulness in crafting, and about improving your well-being through self expression. In this way, I suppose you could say it’s an extension of the Journal Therapy concept, but with a much more Arty, Crafty and visually expressive approach.

Of course, there are no ‘rules’, per se. It’s more about intuitively working through your creative interests and impulses, in which ever way you see fit, in a nice journal of your choosing. If you commit some time everyday to adding to each page, you end up with a beautiful journal full of the fruits of your creativity, and a road map of your states of thought. You can include more writing or more sketching, inks and stamps, stickers and other embellishments, or anything else you could fit on the pages of a journal.

I think it’s a brilliant Crafting concept; We all need a place and time to express ourselves, and to work through our daily stresses and worries as well as our dreams and aspirations, and this is just such a creative and fulfilling way to do so.

Are any of you Clarity Crafters out there already Journaling? We would love to hear from you if so.

If you’re not, but you’re curious, I’ve put together a small selection of Clarity products which are ideal to start you off on your Journey into Journaling. If you are already Journaling, you might spot something below which could inspire your next few journal pages, too!

Our Mixed Media Journal Stamp set will be featured in our upcoming YouTube Tuesday video, too, so pop back on Tuesday to take a look at that.

There are lots of blogs and websites dedicated to this craft, and many different types of journals can be created. A quick Google search will yield hundreds of articles and videos that could inspire you to start a Journal. As with any craft, it really is up to you how you go about creating your journal, and yours will be as unique as you are 😉

Click here to take a look at an interesting blog post which talks about reasons to start and maintain an art Journal. I found this to be a really insightful read. I found another informative article here, too, but this one is more focused on the positive effects of writing a journal as therapy, with less focus on Craft. Still a worthwhile read.

I hope you’ve found this an inspiring post; and as I said earlier, if you do a Journal yourself, we’d love to see some pics 🙂

Clarity Matters. It really does.

Until tomorrow, Clarity Crafters!

Jordan x

7 thoughts on “Journey into Journaling

  • 11th October 2019 at 9:00 pm

    I have 5 out of the 8 items but have never done any journalling. Will watch this space with interest to see what comes up on here & the facebook pages.

  • 11th October 2019 at 10:49 pm

    Hi Jordan
    I’ve never done any journaling, although I can really understand the benefits that you were talking about, and I can see how devoting some time to doing it can really lift your mood, especially as there is no right or wrong with what you do.
    Love & Hugs

  • 11th October 2019 at 10:56 pm

    I have a few art journals. I experiment with different techniques and media. They are something I do just for me. If a page is a complete disaster, I either paint over it or just go to the next page. For me personally, small is better. I have a small journal that got filled up quickly and was so much fun. Then I got a big one and found it intimidating. I spend way too much time stressing over what I want to do.

    I like searching the internet for quotes to add to my pages. Sometimes I just write down how I am feeling. It’s a time for me that I need to do more often.

  • 12th October 2019 at 12:53 pm

    Decided to give journaling a go, only have one page done so far though. Thought it would be good to have some play time for myself but been far too busy with Christmas cards to play at present. You give all your cards away and so have nothing to keep for yourself, so a journal is the answer and as you say it can improve your well being by expressing your emotions by art.x

  • 12th October 2019 at 1:33 pm

    I have been thinking about journaling for a while, have already got the little journaling book, ssooo, mmm, will have to have a go. No point in having the ingredients if you are going to bake the cake!! Take care.

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