YouTube Tues-yay :)

Good morning, everyone. Stuart here again with another of the week’s exciting updates.

It’s the height of summer and there are quite a lot of bees busily buzzing around my garden. The Buddleias are in full bloom and the row of Lavender in along the driveway is attracting a lot of pollinators and it’s a true joy to hear the noise and see the natural world at work.

So, I thought we could celebrate the beauty of bees with one of our sweetest little YouTube tutorials. Springy Bees is one from last year and it’s a delightful project based on our Tina’s Parchlet Groovi Plates. You can watch now by clicking the banner above.

Also, because that’s just what we do, we’re giving you a tasty little 20% off the products used in the video. We like to make it as easy and fun for you to complete your craft projects and a little discount can certainly help.

Right, I’ve got loads of stuff to be cracking on with, including a few new products that I’m designing packaging for. You’ll find out more in due course… You’ll ‘feel good’ in the ‘Antarctic’ very soon, though! Hmmm… Whatever could I be on about? 😉

By for now.


One thought on “YouTube Tues-yay :)

  • 4th August 2020 at 3:57 pm

    You tease! You could be packing anything! I do love Clarity packing though – not only does everything arrive intact even when there are tyre tracks on the box but you can almost always reuse it for something. Glad the garden is working well and you are seeing the fruits of your labour. Tina’s plates are stunning and Becca explained Linda’s bees so well.


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