The Pergamano Show

Good morning Clarity friends. Stuart here. It’s a jolly happy Monday, I think. The sun is shining, and Barb’s had a cracking session, live from the Clarity SHAC Shack. The rest of the week is as promising as the start.

We’ll keep up updated throughout the week as things happen. But the first thing I’d like to shout about is our TV shows this week!

So, this Thursday, 6th August, Paul Church will be hosting this month’s Pergamano Show.

For those who don’t know, the Pergamano Show is a bit like parching school. It’s a touch more serious than other shows, with a focus on education and gaining some essential parching skills.

During this week’s hours (11am and 3pm), Paul will be demonstrating one of the most unique, interesting and innovative parching techniques there is: the embroidery technique.

That’s right, thanks to our ingeniously innovative embroidery Groovi Plates you can now combine both embossing and embroidery to create truly unique and creative designs.

Each Groovi Plate includes a beautiful, embossable pattern (standard) but also, a series of dots that complement the design. Each little dot is initially for perforating, but then using the holes, you can thread through, creating a pattern than overlays the embossed pattern to give a completely unique and textured look that will really help your parching to stand out from the crowd.

And, for your inspiration…

Well, that’ll do from me. Hope you all enjoy the day and are excited for the shows. See you there?


3 thoughts on “The Pergamano Show

  • 3rd August 2020 at 9:03 pm

    Wow! I wonder how he ties the ends off with transparent parchment.

  • 4th August 2020 at 11:15 pm

    Stunning samples, looking forward to the programs on Thursday.


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