We’re here to keep you Company

Hi there, Steven here.

Sunday has come round quick, hasn’t it?

You may have heard us say this a few times now; that we are ‘here to keep you company’. We really value having a sense of camaraderie. So, we’re doing our best to cultivate happy communities that help people thrive through crafting. There’s so much going on, and you might not know about everything, so I thought I’d make you aware of what there is to help you stay you Safe, Happy And Creative as you Stay Home And Craft (or you might have just heard us use the acronym SHAC).

The first thing to mention, then, are our Facebook Live shows. Every weekday, at 10 am, Barbara is in the SHAC Shack for a daily doodleology session on Facebook. It is very popular – over 500 people tune in live. It’s a joyful, relaxing, art-workout, just the thing to cultivate prosperous mental wellbeing. If you would like to join in, simply visit our Facebook page every weekday at 10 am. Or if need to catch up, you can visit the libraries on Facebook here and YouTube here.

Thumbs up to that!

Secondly, we’ve got our thriving Facebook groups. They are great places to meet like-minded crafter enthusiasts, make friends, share your artwork, and enjoy crafting together. There is a group for all things Clarity, and one specifically for Groovi lovers. Our Groovi group – Groovi Worldwide – now has over 5,000 members! So many of you have been sharing your daily creations, and there’s an endless stream of fabulous artwork to inspire you on the group page.

Groovi Worldwide – join here

Clarity Worldwide – join here

Next up to mention is the Groovi SHAC Project. It’s a FREE, weekly, downloadable project for all you parchers out there. Perfect for all skill levels, these printable A4 sheets are available via email or via the links on the Groovi Worldwide page and our Facebook page. Each download includes a Step-by-step project, artwork sample to copy and a list of ingredients so you know just how it was made. (Oh yeah, just in case you need any of the ingredients, we’re making them 20% off on our website each week). Check out this week’s download here. If you’d like the project emailed directly to you, simply signup by clicking below.

Click right here to sign up to our emails and get that download straight to your inbox.

Finally, there’s our abundant YouTube Channel. We may have put the recording of new videos on ice for the time being, but there are hundreds of how-to videos on our channel to get stuck into, from an archive that spans 8 years! Head over to our channel here.

That’s all for me. I hope that you’re now able to keep yourself well and truly occupied. Remember, stay Safe, Happy And Creative.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Clarity Matters. It really does.

Steven x

6 thoughts on “We’re here to keep you Company

  • 26th April 2020 at 1:23 pm

    Thanks, Steven. Glad you are safe and well. Clarity are a great support. The doodling is wonderful, though I can’t keep up. It is so relaxing. Luckily, I don’t do Facebook or I’d never catch up! I’ve added the YouTube channel to my favourites for when I need more. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine and outside as much as possible.

  • 26th April 2020 at 1:59 pm

    good afternoon Steven, thanks for keeping us up to date. Take care & enjoy the warm sunny weather whilst it lasts

  • 26th April 2020 at 2:52 pm

    Hi Steven
    Sorry to trouble you, it’s been a while since I actually made anything, but now that I have I wanted to upload some pictures of my finished card to Groovi Worldwide, but I have totally forgotten how to do it.
    Would you be able to let me know what to do?
    Many thanks for any help you can give me regarding this matter.

  • 26th April 2020 at 2:59 pm

    Thank you to the Clarity Team- greatly appreciate all your hard work. Thank you for all the amazing creative ways you are helping crafters like me during these challenging times. Prior to these ever unique and ever changing days Clarity was my go to site everyday and was always a wonderfully, positive experience. During this new norm I am fortunate to be able to enjoy more time with Clarity, love the daily doodle sessions, wonderfully written blogs, watched many, many Youtubes, eetc. I am learning lots and now have fun techniques to try. Oh, and I may have shopped a few times😀. Thank you! Keep safe.

  • 26th April 2020 at 3:43 pm

    Thanks for the update Stephen.I At present downloads are a no-no on my computer. I am already signed up for the Clarity newsletter but have not so far received the downloads by e-mail. Can they be added or do I have to sign up separately for them?
    Stay safe 🍒

  • 26th April 2020 at 5:04 pm

    Hi Steven, you all do a super job with keeping us up to date with Clarity Matters and we do appreciate it. Like Cherry above I am signed up for the Newsletter but don’t seem to get the download, or the Live Shows, I have to hunt round for them on here or on Facebook Groovi and Clarity groups then back to Facebook then it literally comes up a few minutes before the show starts. Also have the Crossword downloads stopped? Sorry if I am being a pain, but don’t really want to miss things.xx


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