An Update From Barb

Good afternoon everyone, Jordan here again.

Yesterday at Barb posted some updates about the way our little company is running during this difficult time.

I’d like to quote directly from Barb’s Blog for you, in case you missed this update. Read it in your best Barbara Gray voice 😉

“Hi there,

Thanks for popping. I hope you are well and safe. As we have watched this week unfold at home and abroad, Dave and I decided last night to stop all production for a while, and send our lovely team home at the end of play today. You get that, don’t you? It would be irresponsible – no, reprehensible – to do anything else. Their wellbeing is paramount to Dave and me. They’ve done a brilliant and loyal job keeping things going for the last mad month, but now it’s time. I just checked, and all orders received have been picked, packed and sent! Well done team Clarity!!

Are we shutting down? Are we heck!!!

Going forward, we will be steering the good ship Clarity remotely. We will be monitoring orders as they come in, then once or twice a week, Dave and I will go into the building, pick and pack the orders, and get them to the local Post office. We would anyway! Just to check it’s still standing, and the burglars didn’t nick all the parchment! I hope I haven’t forgotten how to pick n pack! Certainly did it for long enough! And we’ve moved all the HOCHANDA stock into the same building, so we can honour those orders too. They may not come out as fast usual, but we will move them through.

Speaking of parchment, Grace just contacted me from New York, and told me that Claritystamp on Amazon USA has sold out of all parchment. Darn. That’s frustrating. We packed a big shipment to go weeks ago, but Amazon stopped taking supplies in. Understandably. I bet they’re tapdancing right now too! We have plenty in the UK and it seems we can still send to America and abroad at this point. Until that changes, we will endeavour to keep going. I wouldn’t worry about anything else that ran out, but parchment! If you haven’t got a stash of that as a parcher, what can you use?!? Loo roll?? Maybe THAT’S what happened!!

A non-crafter would think we’re mad to be panicking about parchment, wouldn’t they? But a parcher gets it! (P.S. Way too scratchy for the bathroom, not to mention pricey!!!)

If you’re on our mailing list, you will have received today’s update, telling you all this. if you’re not, then why not just send me your email address, to Then I can get you added and you will know what we’re up to.”

Click here to read her whole blog post, and see how she’s getting on setting up Facebook & YouTube Live with our Jim 🙂 And remember, you can keep up to date with all things Claritystamp at our Facebook page, too.

That’s all for now! Stay Safe, Happy & Creative, everybody.

Clarity Matters. It really does.

Until tomorrow.

Jordan x

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