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Happy Monday. Stuart here. I don’t know what the week has ahead for you. But, on behalf of Barbara and everyone else at Clarity, we’re here to keep you company. It’s a little motto we’ve been quietly trying to live up to, knowing that during these uncertain times, all types of organisations, including profit-making organisations need to step a bit beyond their regular function in society and give back something extra. Live, health and wellbeing are far more important than outright luxury, and the miracle of consumer capitalism alone is not sufficient to take care of our most fundamental needs. What I mean is; money is neither health nor happiness. Although it can facilitate those things (to a certain extent) IF we go beyond just that and keep each other company.

So, whatever you’re doing this week, remember to SHAC. That is, stay SAFE HAPPY AND CREATIVE. Maybe that will happen as you STAY HOME AND CRAFT. But let us help you do that. We have hours of live, pre-recorded and pre-made content for you to enjoy. We have a keen and eager customer service team and a friendly staff who interact on Facebook and other social media. So feel free to ask your questions, send us messages, and interact with the content. You’ll even find that other members of the worldwide Clarity community will step in, too. It’s a big crafting family and we’re all here to keep you company as we craft along together and keep our spirits up!

Here are the different ways you can join us for company.

Barbara’s Live drawing lessons every day on Facebook at 10am.
We’re on HOCANDA with TV shows weekly.
We have a YouTube channel with hundreds of video tutorials.
Dedicated Facebook groups for Clarity and Groovi.

Simply click the banners above, and start engaging with Clarity, today. We’re here to keep you company, so come and join us!

Community matters. It really does.


5 thoughts on “Community Matters

  • 8th June 2020 at 2:58 pm

    I’m not into facebook, twitter, zoom etc. but I do really appreciate Barbara’s Doodle hours which I follow on Youtube. My husband has joined in too with doodles and stamping but I can’t yet persuade him to try Groovi.
    I am proud to be a NDC club member and will continue to support Clarity in whatever way I can, that is as long as I don’t run out of money – ha ha !!! The products are so good, and the demos, samples and general inspiration are sure to keep us all crafting for a very long time.
    Stay safe 🍒

  • 8th June 2020 at 3:07 pm

    Hi, Stuart. Thanks for your company and encouragement. I think you are several miles beyond the functions of capitalism! You have certainly kept me busy and interested. Hope the chickens are well.

  • 8th June 2020 at 10:41 pm

    Hi Stuart. You are all doing a great job and we are all very grateful. Hx

  • 9th June 2020 at 11:19 am

    My tastes in crafting have changed a bit from when I first dived in and I am trying to weed out what I no longer want/need. I always tended to shop around for the best price but as my tastes have changed so have my shopping habits. I am so impressed with how Clarity have stepped up to the plate in the last few weeks and you will certainly be my go to store from now on. I need to repay in some small way the pleasure I am getting from doodling with Barbara.

  • 9th June 2020 at 1:27 pm

    Hi Stuart. You are all keeping us all happy, and it must be very stressful keeping a business going. I love the mornings with Barbara. Sometimes when I sign up I get the day before, don’t know why. Managed it today and then got interrupted with a phone call. This is all good though especially when you live alone,. So many thanks to you all. Keep safe . X


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