Product of the Month – Fresh Cut Die Showcase

Happy Saturday, everyone. Jordan here. I hope this post finds you Safe, Happy, and in a Creative mood! I’ll be honest, I think you Clarity Crafters are in a constant state of creativity ;).

Today we’ll have a look at our Fresh Cut Die of the Month, just as we do each week – it’s our Dewdrop Fairy!

This marvelous little die is available to you at 33% off all month. It’s a stunner! A touch of fantasy and imagination is a miraculous tonic; this little pixie will have you away with the fairies in no time.

If you already have it and are looking to get creative, this is the place to start. Here are some gorgeous samples to inspire you;

Maria Moorhouse
Maria Moorhouse
Wendy Thorburn

Click here if you’d like to grab one for yourself.

We’d love to see how you get on, or what wonderful creations you’ve already made! Send them attached to an email, to – we love to see what the Clarity Crafters come up with.

And, as ever, feel free to reach out to us on our Facebook page, in the Groovi Worldwide and Clarity Worldwide Facebook pages, or in the comments of this blog or Barbara’s Blog.

Be it a concern or worry, a product idea or just for a chat, we’re here to keep you company.

Clarity Matters. It really does.

Until next time!

Jordan x

One thought on “Product of the Month – Fresh Cut Die Showcase

  • 21st March 2020 at 11:00 am

    Thank you to all at Clarity for reaching our to all in these difficult times via varying methods as not everyone is on FB, so that those who are vulnerable don’t feel they are alone. . Thank you once again and stay safe everyone. I sent a quick thank you message yesterday to Grace after receiving my hug from Barbara and bless she replied almost instantly. Technology can be a wonderful thing if used for the right reasons.


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