Tina Cox Sale Last Chance!

Hi everyone, Jordan here with you today. How was your weekend?

Today is your last chance to pick up some goodies from a huge range of Tina Cox designs, with 33% off! And that’s not including your club membership discounts, either. Our sale is running until midnight tonight, so don’t delay!

We’ve been hosting a gallery of fantastic Tina Cox designs, and we’ve received some lovely contributions from you Clarity Crafters, too! So we’ve refreshed the gallery with some of your contributions included. Click just here for a look.

And keep sending those images in, we’ll be featuring some more of your fabulous works here next week! All submissions emailed to gallery@claritystamp.com please 🙂

Barb’s been blogging about Tina over the weekend, did you see? She’s also hosting a Tina Cox themed quiz if you want to get involved! I’ll relink the posts here;

Big Cheer for Tina Cox!!!

Stamps by Tina…

Little Books – Big Knowledge!

Quiz Time! Tina’s Blog Candy

Be sure to pop back in tomorrow for Grace’s post 🙂

Clarity Matters. It really does.

Until next time!

Jordan x

One thought on “Tina Cox Sale Last Chance!

  • 28th January 2020 at 12:13 am

    Completed the quiz – had to watch/listen 3 times to get the last one then realised I had missed a question out but luckily I knew where to find the answer. Thanks for the gallery – how do we access it without going through your link on this page?


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