Fancy New Folders & Elf Hunt Clue #20

Happy Friday everyone! Jordan here. How much rushing around do you have ahead of you tomorrow and Sunday? I hope not too much, although a bit of last-minute dashing about and buying is par for the course this time of year. I’m fairly much sorted now, but there’s always another bottle of port, or box of mince pies to get in for the cupboard, isn’t there? I’ll admit, there’s still a few things I need to get hold of before the big day.

I’ll be getting over to a local Garden centre tomorrow for a bit of a walk around with an elderly relative of mine. We’ll get in for a coffee and cake in the coffee shop first, then we’ll take our time and wander through Santa’s Grotto, look at the fabulous Christmas tree displays, and bathe in the glow of the Christmas light displays. It really puts me in an incredibly festive mood. It’s something I always remember from childhood, when we would venture out to pick up a Christmas tree, surrounded by wondrous Christmas lights and the smell of pine.

I believe I’ll treat my relative to a wreath, too. She has one on her front door already, but there’s a bit of space on her mantle. I’m sure she’ll love it 🙂

Snazzy Storage Solutions!

Oh, just while I’m here, have you seen our new storage folders yet? We’ve added two brand-new folders, an A6 Stamp folder and an A4 Square Groovi folder, and a lovely re-design of our handy Fresh Cut Die Folder. They’re a fantastic storage solution for Stamps, Groovi & Fresh Cut Dies. Just the thing to keep your precious Clarity products safe and organised.

Take a little look at these Clarity essentials just here.

Now then, onto today’s Elf Hunt Clue;

Clarity Matters. It really does.

Until tomorrow!

Jordan x

6 thoughts on “Fancy New Folders & Elf Hunt Clue #20

  • 20th December 2019 at 1:01 pm

    Looks like you are going to have a wonderful time tomorrow. Also thanks for reminding me that I need to purchase a nice bottle of port. It’s the best partner for anything chocolate.

    The storage folders are terrific. My first one came as a bonus with a parchment order and I wasn’t expecting much, but they are very well constructed and very high quality.

    • 20th December 2019 at 2:31 pm

      Just about done now , I’ve worked from 4am to 8am , taken mum to Tonbridge , managed to avoid floods , made 2 quiches for annual get together at mum and dad’s tomorrow. Now in craft room relaxing ,putting finishing touches to trad parchment started at Louise’s workshop last month . If I don’t get round to posting again would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and New year xx

  • 20th December 2019 at 1:19 pm

    Good Afternoon,

    Just a couple of gifts left to purchase but I’m not stressing about it , all will be sorted. There is a lovely garden centre near to where I live and it’s like Christmas on steroids but rather lovely, does help to get you in the mood and I love having a wander around all the different areas too.

    Great clue today, found MissElf no bother 🙂

    Best wishes

  • 20th December 2019 at 3:27 pm

    Happy to see the A6 Storage book!
    Hoping that now that Clarity is opening a New York office that Clarity might start to recognize the limitations of the US postal service. Square cards are not an option here since the machines reject that size (we can pay extra, but that means a special trip to the post office). The A6 almost works for us since our standard cardmaking sizes are 4 1/2″ x 5 1/4 ” and 5″ x 7″. I would love to see some of the picot dies and Groovi framing plates come out in an “American” size option as well. The ones I have never quite work without a lot of double runs through the die cutting machine, which is always scary. I tend to gravitate to the baby plates or design my own, it’s the framing that gets hard. Maybe more videos showing how to adapt some of those item into rectangular cards would be helpful. I do try, but I’m often off and get very frustrated. I’m sure there’s an easier way?

  • 20th December 2019 at 9:04 pm

    The new storage looks great. I have several in most sizes but those fill the gaps. Hope you get your last minute things, but you are giving priority to people which really says a lot about what Christmas is about. I have talked to two very down people this week just by chance. I forget how the tinsel train leaves people abandoned while their relatives and friends run after it. And the food bank has run out. At least that was easy to address. You can only talk to the lonely for so long in the rain.

  • 23rd December 2019 at 5:23 pm

    Sounds lovely did pop in garden centre few days ago had a spot of lunch good time to go lots of things reduced 2/3 etc have a well earned break x


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