YouTube Tuesday – Seasons Greetings Two Ways (Part Two) & Elf Hunt Clue #17

Hey Clarity Family, Simon here, again, with the next instalment of YouTube Tuesday.

This week’s video is a quick and simple project, but not something you should pass up, and I want to talk to you about appreciating the little things.

Life passes us by so fast these days and convenience can have its downsides. Instant coffee, microwaveable meals, texts, emails, bullet trains and binge-watching TV shows. Hardly anything in modern life takes time.

Sometimes, we should take our time with things… Like taking the longer route home during the summer to see the countryside. Make your coffee the more precise way; grind the beans, use a french press, steam your milk, etc. Cook dinner from scratch rather than from a jar. Paint a picture, instead of taking a photo. Hand-make Christmas cards and gifts rather than sorting by cheapest first online. You get the gist.

These things make us appreciate the beauty of our lives, but convenience doesn’t always have to be seen in a bad light. Send a quick text to a loved one to let them know you’re thinking of them. Take a second to stand up and walk outside for some fresh air. Pet the neighbour’s dog or cat if they run up to you. Not only will they like it, but you’ll also feel better when you do. (It’s science don’t you know!)

And that brings me on to this week’s YouTube video. Even though this week’s video is snappy, it may help some of you out with a craft idea, a technique you need to master, or something that you didn’t know could help you finish your masterpiece.

So, before you rush off, take your time to appreciate the small things in life. They may take a little longer, but they make your life and other peoples’, just that little bit more special.

And in conjunction with this video, we are putting the spot on sponges and black archival ink on offer at 20% off for you to join Barb in the masking inky fun.

Just click the items to find out more.

Lastly, here is today’s Elf Hunt Clue;

“Jordan put the coffee down…” That’s his 6th espresso in 20 minutes, he’ll be clinging to the walls for hours, now. “Calm down Jordan, there are no elves biting your heels!”

Clarity Matters. It really does.


2 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – Seasons Greetings Two Ways (Part Two) & Elf Hunt Clue #17

  • 17th December 2019 at 1:43 pm

    That Jordan! Thank goodness for the Clarity blog. I have had such a frustrating morning and it feels like you heard! It doesn’t have to be long but attending to a simple thing can make all the difference. I make one lot of decaf ground coffee a day and can feel my cares fall away as I sit with it. And once a week I can sit with YouTube Tuesday and be totally absorbed. Can’t say the same for meals but I do cook from scratch every day. Perhaps I will walk in the rain this afternoon just briefly instead of chasing my tail absorbing other people’s Christmas crises.

  • 17th December 2019 at 1:43 pm

    Found you MissElf – you’re teeny tiny today 🙂

    Off to watch the video now.

    Cheers Team.


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