Inktober & One lucky winner

Happy Sunday, everyone! Jordan here.

I wonder, how many of you are aware of Inktober? It’s an incentive to create an Ink drawing once a day throughout every day in October and to post them online for your Arts & Crafts peers to enjoy.

It’s about positive drawing habits and fueling your creativity. What a great idea! I can’t think of a better way to improve your drawing and illustration skills than to draw once a day for a month. I’ve been perusing the web and there are THOUSANDS of fantastic Inktober works out there, of all different styles and types. And there is no reason you couldn’t use a few stamps or stencils and a good old fashioned Black Archival, to help you along the way!

If you’ve been taking part, we would just love to see what you’ve come up with! Send us a snap to

If this has interested you at all, whether you’re a keen Illustrator or a curious drawer, here are a couple of indispensable, illustrative products from our Clarity Range;

You know that Barbara can’t live without Micron pens. They really do make a great impression!

Also, our Watercolour Pad and Petite Journal are just the things for inking up. If you’ve got time and space to sit down and doodle, then the large Watercolour Pad is for you. Need to draw on the go – perhaps the perfectly portable Petite Journal is the thing you need!

You can follow along with Inktober via the below links.

Inktober Rules & Prompts

Lastly… we have a winner from the Leyburn Prize Draw! Sean has done the honours and pulled a winner at random.

Drum roll, please!

🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁

And the Winner is…

Sharon Foster! Congrats, Sharon. Our customer services team will be in touch shortly via email. If you could give us a little call back, Louise will sort you out with your prize. Enjoy. And thanks to all who entered.

Clarity Matters. It really does.

Until next time!

Jordan x

4 thoughts on “Inktober & One lucky winner

  • 6th October 2019 at 8:24 pm

    Well done, Sharon, enjoy your prize.x

  • 7th October 2019 at 9:29 pm

    Enjoy your prize Sharon! x

  • 8th October 2019 at 1:23 pm

    Thanks for pulling my name out of the hat!! I am so surprised that I won, its the first thing I’ve ever won and I’m so glad it was a clarity voucher. It won’t take long to spend! Xx

  • 11th October 2019 at 6:26 am

    Congratulations Sharon! So much to choose from.


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