TV Preview/Leonie Mythical Stamp & Mask

How do you do? Steven here!

Did you know that the correct response to ‘How do you do’ is ‘How do you do’ It’s not a question, it’s just an old fashioned greeting?

Well, before I doff my proverbial cap and carry on my merry way; allow me a quick word on tomorrow’s TV shows. Leonie Pujol is back for another superlative couple of shows featuring our brand new Mythical designs, produced for us by artist Cherry Green. Including the Deer, Hare and Songbirds, each set features the main design element as well as a host of striking and imaginative design elements.

They’re going to be great. It’s Leonie. It’s brand new stamps. It’s Crafting with Clarity. What more could you want?

Lets sneak a peek before tomorrow’s show at a couple of samples from the design team;

Anne Dimitriou
Shelagh Metselaar

We’ll show you a few more fantastic art pieces from the design team in Saturday’s post 😉

Clarity Matters. It really does.

Until tomorrow!

Steven x

One thought on “TV Preview/Leonie Mythical Stamp & Mask

  • 26th September 2019 at 11:06 pm

    Looks interesting, recorder set. xx


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